Chastised in Ocean Pines: Denver Shoemaker is Ready to Ride

So like, I’ve been transitioning from, Mr. Denver Shoemaker to Miss Denver Alana Shoemaker and part of that was fully accepting how much I love men. Not just men but their cocks too. Like I’m hooked on them!

You see, I always thought maybe I was just gay but then I started noticing that I felt most comfortable wearing bras and thong panties that I stole from Tici. That was when I started thinking that being a trans-woman was the thing for me! I not only love guy’s big hot cocks but I wanted to service them like a woman would, not like a homosexual. I didn’t want to use my sissy-dick on them, I just wanted to dress pretty then suck and get fucked by them.

Fast forward a bit and now I’ve reached a whole new level of craving being the “little lady of the house” for a hot stud! I realized that once my small clit dick got popped into a chastity cage. Instead of being turned off because I couldn’t touch my clitty dick, I found myself still eager to ride my realistic hung male sex doll and my hunger for hard cock grew even more intense.

Not only did I love stuffing my ass with the sex doll’s big dick but I didn’t even want to touch my sissy-stick. It’s amazing! I truly felt like a trans-woman, using only my butt-pussy for pleasure and cared less about using my little caged clitty. I wish I had been born with a vagina and want to prove it by riding as many big horny dicks as I possibly can.