Virgo Peridot

If you’re a fan of big booty girls or whooty girls for that matter then you’ve probably heard of Virgo Peridot but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat.

Virgo Peridot came to internet fame out of obscurity fairly quickly and all due to random booty shaking and twerking videos she had been uploading to YouTube and various other tube type sites.

Over time her following quickly grew as big ass whooty lovers from all over the globe began to flock for a glimpse of it no matter where she popped up. Needless to say once you see the amazing ass she is working with, you can clearly see why her rise to whooty fame took off so quickly. Not only does she have a big delicious bum but she knows how to work it like a true boss bitch.

Virgo Peridot Shaking it on YouTube

After years of leaving endless amounts of guys blue balling in front of their computers, she has finally decided to take things a step further for her fans and show us what she can really do with that big goddess booty.

Virgo Peridot in Panties

If you have ever fantasized about her giving you a blowjob or bouncing that booty on your lap, face, whatever — now you can actually watch her do just that and see what it would really be like after all this time.

This is Virgo Peridot like you’ve never seen her before. Prepare to have your mind blown when you visit her new hardcore site and trust me there’s a lot more than just twerking going on.

UPDATE: It looks like she no longer has her website going but we will update this post as soon as we find out where she went 🙂