Transsexual Denver Shoemaker dances for black dicks

Omg Tyrone, Lebron, Jamal and their black homies can’t get enough of my transsexual titties and jiggly ass. Big Daddy Tyrone picked me up this slutty thong leotard and told me that it was my new dancing outfit for the night at his place.

When night fell I really found out what he meant. He invited all his horny black friends over to watch me dance for them like I did at the basketball court for Lebron. Big Daddy Tyrone said I should be proud of my slutty trans sissy body and be happy that they want me as their personal slutty stripper bitch.

He slapped me on the ass and told me to get ready to make that ass clap and my big tranny titties shake! He walked over hit the music and pointed at me like he was ordering me to dance like a slut for them. So of course I did as Big Daddy wanted.

Time to Wiggle and Jiggle!

All eyes were on me as I started dancing to the music. My hips and ass were gyrating while my big titties just naturally started jiggling and bouncing around for them.

They were all cheering me on telling me to shake those big titties and Lebron insisted that I bend over and touch my toes. He said seeing I was a pussy ass sissy bitch then I’d be expected to show off my bussy pussy anytime they wanted.

Make That Booty Clap, Bitch!

Tyrone walked over and yanked my leotard up my butt crack, pushed my head down and told everyone to take a good look.

He just kept yanking my thong leotard up tighter in my ass and then yanked it over to the side, spreading my cheeks and really letting them see it all. My little sissy pussy was on full display as they all started laughing and telling me that my bussy wouldn’t look that way for long!

Tyrone let go of my leotard, spanked my ass cheeks hard and told me stay bent over and make that sissy bitch booty clap. I felt so humiliated but at the same time my little clitty dick was leaking like crazy knowing all those black guys had just seen my bare bussy hole winking at them.

Group Sissy Slut?

I knew at that moment that I was becoming not only Big Daddy Tyrone’s bitch but I was headed toward being the group sissy slut that all these black use to get their cocks off on. A few of his friends already have used my mouth and even fucked my sissy pussy.

Now the number keeps growing! It seems like the more I submit to them the more black cocks they bring for me to pleasure.

Booty Clapping Time

I do as told and stay bent over doing my best to make my sissy cheeks clap together. Things got quiet for a minute while I was twerking so I looked back and asked if I was doing it good enough. That was when I noticed they all had their cocks out jerking them off.

Tyrone smirked at me and asked me if I wanted the cum in my mouth or if they should take turns nutting all over my bussy hole. I didn’t know what to say, I was so in shock. Seeing all those hard dicks out mixed with knowing they were all just staring right at my bussy left me speechless.

That’s when Jamal spoke up and said seeing I was too ditsy to answer then our little pussy bitch Denver Shoemaker will take hot loads of cum to the mouth and all over that slutty trans pussy.

Mouth Open and Ass Up with a Smile

Tyrone was all like, “Denver you heard him slut! Now bend over, pull that thong leotard to the side and keep that bitch mouth open.”

All I could do was let out a totally like defeated slutty moan as they grouped together around my mouth and ass jerking those loads out of their dicks one by one. Omg it was like so warm feeling against my bussy as they just kept shooting their loads all over it.

I couldn’t say much because they kept slapping me in the lips and tongue with their cocks and squirting yummy cummy all over my face and mouth!

Omg I felt like such a sissy cum whore when they were all finished and just standing there shaking their cocks off laughing at me. It couldn’t get any more intense than that. Well until I heard Tyrone start laughing and said, “Denver Shoemaker look over here you sissy ass bitch!” I look over and Lebron was all like, “Smile for the camera cum slut!”

They all were laughing hysterically at me. I was left with nothing I could do or say, so I put on a big girly smile on for the camera, as I stood there bent over and covered with all these black guy’s loads. Proving I was not only their group bitch but also their trans sissy cum slut.