I am a completely passive and sensitive bitch trans, depilated, from Split …. I am from Croatia, EU, 44 years old, 179, 72 kg. . I am free, I am financially rich and concrete … I own a car. I’m looking for my dad, my boss … Macro … who takes me and uses me, owns me and gives them to others … for everyone. Serve and serve in everything. I have experience. WhatsApp or Viber: +385955312888

Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. I can also have a few older men, who would serve them occasionally, so I’m not a big nuisance. They can also be financially useful. I’m ready to move.

Someone who can recommend a place, a hotel, a club, someone … to host a whore Sissy Sub trans.

If you are a true Teacher, Home or Dad and if you accept me as a slut who needs at the same time, Lord, but also to please other men, with absolute obedience to one Lord, then I am ready to initiate it. I’m just being completely honest

Share me, offer. I need a purpose