Pretty Pink Princess aka Sissy Madison

I admit that I want to wear this outfit more and more. It was extremely exciting wearing it out in public for mistress. Knowing that I had to complete my task made it all the more thrilling. Knowing that I was a boy wearing such a little girl style outfit was completely emasculating and brought me deeper into training and conditioning.

I am in owned sissy slave by Goddess Jennifer. she runs and She has been instrumental in me coming this far. I was trained by Miss Lisa who gave me my starting point has an exposure slut and humiliation lover. Goddess Jennifer Neil what a pathetic and weak sissy loser I was when we first came into contact. Since that time she planned out the conditioning that would lead me to accept triggers and training. I gave her control and she took it with ease. Now I want total feminization and sissy training so that I can be the best cock loving sissy slut ever. My brain is forever changed I am not masculine and I will never have sex with women again