Moms and their son’s peepees


O gosh Mom’s and their son’s dicks! My Mom began taking me to all kinds of doctors starting when I was about 8 yrs old. She was “concerned and worried” that my peepee wasn’t growing. The pediatrician recommended a urologist who recommended an endocrinologist who recommended an andrologist, etc. They all confirmed that my peepee was well below average size for my age – the urologist and andrologist diagnosing micro penis – but at that time in medical practice there was nothing doctors could do except try and raise my free testosterone level and see what happened as I went through puberty. Well, nothing happened. My peepee got a little thicker but remained in the upper micro penis range – almost 2 inches erect (flaccid I’m an inny).

All throughout my childhood and early teens my mother absolutely humiliated and demoralized me (and much more) about my micro penis. She often explained to me I’d never be able to satisfy a girl, I’d probably be called a sissy in gym class, I should learn to masturbate, sexual copulation would be difficult if not impossible, women would reject me because of my “deficiency”.

Well, as with most things Mom was right. I went out with girls but never had sex. I got married at 27 yrs old. My wife and I were virgins. On our wedding night I “discovered” I was too tiny to penetrate her tight vagina. In the six months that our marriage lasted I never did consummate our marriage and she divorced me.

After another failed marriage I gave up on women and found happiness and sexual satisfaction as a gay bottom, total submissive, huge SPH fetish. Since my early teens I knew I was gay – I masturbated to muscleman magazines while my friends jerked off to Playboy, etc. – but tried to hide it just to prove to my mother that I could have a relationship with a woman.

Yeah, there’s a gr8 sex life out their for micro penis beta bois like me. And in an ironic way my mom helped me to find it.