You may have noticed that the site doesn’t have the auto-scroll feature anymore. If you loved it, no need to worry we still have it ready to put right back into service if everyone wants that.

We figured for a period of time we would test both of them in the community and let all of you decide which you prefer. The reasoning behind this is because we’ve already had a dozen or so people complain that their computers weren’t able to keep up or their smartphones had bogged a bit.

If you’re wondering what we are even talking about; we’re discussing the page navigation at the bottom of each page of the site.

Currently: Manual Action

This is the navigation system we have in place right now. It’s basically what you’d find on a tube site or blog and makes for simple navigation and it’s easy to jump around. We will keep this going for a few days to week or so to let everyone test it out.

Freak Den Navigation: Manual

If you decide you don’t like the manual navigation and preferred the auto-scroll navigation or vice verse, please let us know in the comments area. We look forward to your feedback and once we find out what the majority wants — that’s what we will stick with.boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard