My life: I’m a Fem Sissy (Cont’d)

Someone here at this sissification site wanted to know more, so let me add this. I live with 2 women who are furthering my feminine training and have been doing so for a long time now.

I call them my Mistresses, but at one time one was a girlfriend that my sister set me up with. These two women are now lesbian lovers and I am their sissy. Mistress Susan, (ex-GF) was only a girl that was a friend and never a lover. That was great with me as she was giving me advice on how to be a better fem.

Long ago, (when I was much younger) I confided in my sister on how I felt like I was born in the wrong body, that I should have been born a girl instead. She helped me by letting me wear her old clothing as many times I could get away with it. Eventually, with her help & guidance I told our step-mother how I felt. Funny thing there, I thought that I was going to get my ass whooped by her.

She got this scary smile on her face & took a firm hold of me & hugged me tight. She told me that she was extremely happy to have another daughter to raise. So, since I was quite young I have lived full time 24/7 as a girl.

Oh, and another little tidbit that I should add, our step mother is a surgical doctor & owns/works in a small clinic in the Philippines. Through her help I have become more feminine looking since then. I am, by now very passable, passive & submissive. But, I still have the ugly worm even though it has gotten even more softer & smaller. And, has been since I was fixed at the clinic.