Tops/sissymotivators trainers are welcum to msg me ("hetero" sissy) Encouragement is helpfull and needed. I dont need to feel attraction to women, just frustrating! 10 years ago i typed in Tinyswede as my name on some old pornsite. a few years earlier the idea of wearing panties and playing the girl came to me whilst in some chatroom on a site where ppl came to play minigames and.. well fantazise.. playing the girl, he said something to the effect of oh my dont you have a big clit for a girl.. i was quite naive and it wasnt untill i was hot from writing the girls role in our roleplay that i said but im the girl i dont have a penis, no you have a big clitt and a boypussy instead... So i was panicked, i was so aroused and ashamed, i logged out but the thoght lingered. 3 days or so later i masturbated and got one of my strongest one i had ever had at the time. It was not untill i was 20 that i met my first male, after the thrill of feeling filled completley i was hooked! Later on i begged kindly for some panties and soon enugh i had 2-3 then 10 pairs.. maybie a few more, a butt plugg and some other stuff.. after 3 years of occasional fucking i started to stray and sadly we partedways.. at 25 i got gifted a pair of stayups i think it was just before or after that event that i bougut my first girlystuff in store.. Already having met a few men etc.. But i didn´t start with watching sissyhypno training/pics untill just recently (Michaeal you are a great friend!)! As i moved on from pics to vids i also began watching amature shemale porn.- Also looking at big nice cocks during my journey from chatt"girl" to camboy for "dominant females" (Older men) to accapting that they where older men and then continuing onwards.. and I never really got turned on by men unless it was thru some dirty chatting to begin with... The positive developement from the sissyvideos and list of "must do" - sissyguides i can now look at cock and get really excited altho i have always enjoyed giving oral while in my good mood. aaand,, i have told a close friend that i play the sissy sometimes (wosh was that wierd)! And this year i had the fortune to be fucked inte som sense 3 diffrent males with superior cocks! The thrill is comming back and the closet i cleaned out two years ago needs, some organizing :) Pussyfree =) Sissy for men Fjolla för Män Sissy from Helsingborg Sweden Fjolla i helsingborg Svensk flickpojke pojkflicka tihizz4u kik bara för träffintresserade "ikväll" din bil, byter om, lek ute, eller "hem" till dig. *IBLAND* $$$ lilsasissyfjolla@gmail.com tinyswede xhamster huhahi qx cdlisahbg bodycontact snoppfjollan onanera.se rosapyjamasgos darkside


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