I Discovered I was a Sissy when I was 13 and tried on my Sister's underwear and clothes for the first time and later that year I discovered I was a Homosexual. When I was 22 I met a Hot Girl with BIG Titties and discovered that I am NOT Homosexual I am Bisexual. I told Her that I like having Sex with guys and she got REALLY excited and said she wanted to watch me have Gay sex and I told HER I would LOVE to watch her have Sex with other Guys and thus began the Cuckolding phase of my life. A little later I told I would LOVE to start Cross Dressing and again she got REALLY excited and started Feminizing me and all the guys she brought home for me to watch her have Sex with would tease me and make me Suck their Cocks and Fuck me. She finally left me after a couple of years because she said she was tired of me which was ok by me I was tired of her as well the only thing she had going for her was her body (she wasn't the brightest bulb in the Marquee) now I am 70 years old still Cross Dressing and I am married, my Wife allows me to express my Femininity 24/7. I'm not into makeup but REALLY enjoy wearing Sexy Lingerie... at this point in my life, if had to put percentage points on my Homosexuality and Bisexuality it would be approx. 90% Gay and Transgender and approx.10% Heterosexual.!


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