Nick Lansdowne


I'm single and tall and a skinny guy. I'm in my 30's and have only been with a few women. I have tried to have sex in past. The last time was about 10 years ago after my friend's wedding. I got with a sexy girl that evening and had a one night stand. My small cock of almost 4 inches long could not stay hard and it kept popping out of her cock could not stay in her. This completely frustrated and angered the girl. She resorted to using her thick 8 inch dildo whilst I just lay next to her I could not satisfy her. I have been the victim of facesitting/smothering and having to worship women's ass and being a cuckold slave to a male & female couple. I have had to clean and lick/taste the woman's boyfriends cum off her ass and pussy. I also wish and dream my whole body could shrink down to about 2-3 inches tall and be a shrunken tiny slave to a woman or couple who could do anything they wanted to me.


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