I told myself a long time ago that I was only going to try to have a relationship with one more woman in my life which I am currently in righy now! After 11 months I have assured myself that this is my last shot! I'm pretty young to be declaring that already but I know in my heart she is the one I want to marry and be with the rest of my life! I am 24 she is 21. I am getting her into the things that I am into and slowly but surely she is finding out what I truly see myself as in a relationship and what I want out of it sexually! Surprisingly she has been into everything I've told her so far besides the feminization part and sissy in me. The chastity, me using toys on her, tease and denial, and her fucking another man are all huge turn ons for her! She even liked using toys on me and fucking me with a strap on! I want to eventually be owned by her and lead this into a full FLR! With me getting completely feminized, sissified, cucked, trained, and modified into a cock addicted FUCKTOY! If she gets scared away and leaves me I will run away from my life as I know of it today. Find a woman or couple to take me in and live happily ever after serving as the sissy slut my ive always dreamed of being! I believe that womens bodies should only be shared with BBC, and every pathetic whiteboi like me should do everything it takes to make that happen! It's time I share the true me with the world and stop hiding who I want to be from my friends and family if I truly want to have a bright future as a sissy! I want to start Hormone therapy and get my baby makers snipped since there is no need for me to have them! Twitter: Kik: sissiednympho

Sissy Me

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