‘What Goddess Aleksandra tells me:

Hey little dick, I love how you keep coming back, it’s like you’re not even ashamed of how tiny your little pin dick is. And you love to jerk it for me, don’t you? So go on, take it out, let’s compare it to my pinky. I think my little pinky is bigger than your little dicky. Do you wanna stroke it for me? I know you do because no one wants to fuck you, do they? It’s so tiny, it’s no wonder that you sit at home alone and jerkoff all day. What a pathetic existence. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a guy with a tiny microscopic penis. It’s so small, just look at it, does it even feel good when you jerk it? Does it feel good when you use your two fingers to rub that little nub? I mean you barely have any room to move your two fingers.

Try and put your whole and around it and stroke. It doesn’t work, does it? No, it’s so tiny, you’re just a little mini dick loser who can’t even jerk off normally. You’re a freak of nature. Go on freak, rub your little man clitty for me. It’s so pathetic to watch you try to jerk. You should feel embarrassed and ashamed. Shrimp dicks are fucking lame, like you.