Tiny Dick Sissy Marky is a Beta Boi

Since I have a tiny dick and am a little beta boi who has constantly been made fun of by women I put on little panties and prance around like a little bimbo. Once the panties are on my little sissy stick gets hard and I get all weak and tingly. Then I slide on the bra and next comes the pretty dress. In this case it’s a cute little sun dress with lace detail that I found in the juniors department. If you have the little girly girls laughed at me as I held it up. That humiliation I felt immediately washed over me and I got more excited once the dress was on. As I applied my make up I felt every shade of my masculinity disappear. As I added the wig I trembled because I no longer looked like a boy… I looked like an effeminate little girly boi. Once I strapped the cute flat tea strap sandals with the little flower details on I immediately Felt completely emasculated. Of course then I had to show everyone.