Tiny Dick Apology for Alyssa; Failure to please

Dear Alyssa,

Firstly I am glad you ended up choosing a big cock, I know you went back and forth and were torn between continuing to just cheat on me and let me try to have sex occasionally or dump my dicklette a second time and move on to big cock.

Should’ve Become a Fluffer

I should have had a different approach all together when it came to trying to please your tight little pussy and hot bubble butt. I know now thanks to a femdom Goddess from New York that I could’ve served you well as a fluffer and cucky cleanup bitchboy but not much else. I am sorry I wasted so much of your pussy’s time and didn’t support you finding more big cock to take care of the job for me.

On each “dumpiversary” of all girls dated I have to tribute my goddess extra, same with your bday. This is in restitution to you and all women who have had to endure my tiny flop out. I know I usually lasted under a minute and rarely made it all the way in. I desperately wish you had left more panties behind so I could beg my goddess to tug my 4 inch “spike” and load them up. You were so far out of my league and my 4 incher was just never going to do anything for you.

Banned from Women

I am glad you are happier now and that you have helped me on my path to my proper place where I am soon to be locked up in a chastity cage by Goddess Jennifer of ShowYourTinyDick.com the femdom goddesss website that owns my cocklette and little acorns now that I’m officially banned from women and pussy. Thanks again Alyssa and if you ever need a cock fluffer for your BBC outings please let me know.

Your dumped and cucked ex bf,

Mike Little Dick