The Real me..

i was married previously for 15 years and most of that time thought i was just a “cuck” wannabe (she never did cheat on me), but real problem was i was trying way too hard to be the “Man” despite all my more feminine urges and feelings i’ve had all my life. It wasn’t until my new Partner and Queen came along and suggested a Gender Fluid type distinction, that i really finally have started to embrace NOT being a “Man” at all. I will always luv having a penis, but i been trying way too hard to be masculine.It always gives me shivers when She reminds me, “You’re not a man,” because she isn’t saying it to put me down or demean me, but to lovingly reinforce what i’ve always wanted to accept in myself…and now i just crave to have like minded gurl friends… luv to be guided and groomed to learn my proper place as a gurl and just i dunno..

hope you don’t mind all that rambling lol! 😉