Some Men Make Great Sissies, CD’s And Trans Women.

For me I’m not one of those men. I am masculine, but I do like to role play the sissy faggot. I am not all that feminine not a cute little sissy or pretty gurl, but I am a slutty one. I have no dreams or desire to be or live as a woman. I only dress for fun and sexual encounters with masculine mature men, and that is only if they want a sissy. 

 I do enjoy playing the sissy role and can really get into. I love the feeling of being submissive and less that a man. When I dress Steffy takes over and I become the slutty sissy faggot for real men to use! I am not into BDSM but I do like it a bit rough just not sadistic. I am not into feet, arm pits, spit, don’t want tied up. However I do like the verbal humiliation, light spanking, and some other kinks just not all that extreme. I know that I am the sissy faggot there to be used. 

 I am not a total bottom yet, ye I’ve not been fucked yet. I do want it though. I feel its time to be a total sissy slut trained to take cock in m sissy ass and like it! Made to understand that both holes were made for real men to use as they want!

 Here is the thing about me, I can make a good FWB. Meet up have a beer shoot pool play darts fishing camping hangout watch the game. Then later when wanted I change into my sissy outfit and become steffy for him to use, or I could just be steffy for an eve of playtime and I can also just be myself for him to use to. Three in one all with two submissive holes to be used.