Sissy Beta Fag Boi For Humiliation

I admit that I have a tiny sissy dick and it fits nicely in pretty lacy panties. I also admit how much I love to slide on panties and love the feeling of hooking a bra on. I love how immediately it makes me a weak little bitch. My tiny little sissy dick starts to get hard and I begin to lose more control. Eventually I find myself dressed up like a girl and craving the attention and humiliation of being seen by real women. By then I’m ready to be completely emasculated and begin to take pictures. 

I admit that I absolutely love being told what to do. I love being told to dress up and be ordered to pose for humiliating pictures I love being completely weak and being told to submit the pictures. I love the thrill of knowing that I’m being seen by women as a pathetic sissy beta boi.