Shopping at Walmart for Bras with Denver Shoemaker

Talk about fun! I just hit up my local Walmart here in Maryland to do some bra shopping and my tiny Denver Shoemaker clitty was going wild. It felt so good to be fully dressed, looking trans and feminized, all while shopping in the women’s lingerie section for pretty bras.

I’ve done it before but this time was something else, mainly because I was wearing a flirty little skirt with tiny thong panties underneath. It got me so hot that I ended up in the automotive section flashing my jiggly thong butt cheeks for all the hotties.

In the end, I left with a cute 2-pack of sports bras and semi-creamed thongs. I’ll be wearing my new bras at work while I walk around with a small tent in my panties.

Denver Sissy Shoemaker