Revealing true self to Tici Hastings by Denver Shoemaker the famous Ocean City sissy clown

I spent enough years pretending around tiny mommy Tici Hastings while never getting enough attention. So now I’m ready to finally reveal my true self to Tici, because I’m no longer Denver Shoemaker the wannabe boy, I’m Denverita Alana Shoemaker the trans sissy female!

Not only that but I’ve gone on to become the most famous sissy and clown in all of Ocean City Maryland. That notoriety is spreading too, as I become more famous all over the world! Now hopefully Tici will be super proud and wanna tell everyone about how much of a starlet her darling daughter Denver Shoemaker has become.

Just wait till she hears about how much I love hunky studs that slap their logs of meat on to my buns. Omg!

– Denver Alan Shoemaker aka Denverita Alana Shoemaker

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