Public Humiliation via Las Vegas SPH Urinals

What Happens in Vegas…

I mentioned in my confessional that a stripper once laughed at my tiny dick, so here’s the story.

Going to Vegas on or after your 21st birthday is a thing pretty much everyone I knew who went to college in Southern California did.  I was no exception and went with 3 friends.  And of course, one of the biggest things on all our minds was getting laid.

One night, my friends and I decided to head off to a strip club.  We had money to blow and one by one ended up heading back to the private rooms, in my case, with a smoking hot Latina stripper in tow.  She made it clear that I’d be getting some hand relief, at a minimum which got me excited. 

She got me comfortable on a sofa in the private room that we went to and then started putting on a show for me.  Then, when it came time to get down to business, she unzipped my jeans, pulled back my underwear and pulled out my cock, after which she inadvertently let out a chuckle.  At first, I was a little confused as to what the chuckle was about.  I asked what was so funny, to which she responded, “Nothing, it’s just, well, not what I was expecting”.

I actually enjoyed this and asked if she could continue the humiliation, which she did, which caused me to get harder and harder. She ran her nails up and down my shaft and sucked me while allowing me to titty fuck her, all the while teasing me about my “little peepee” and telling me that I had a Middle Schooler’s dick, until I came for her.

Afterwards, when the four of us were telling each other what happened in our rooms, I was too embarrassed to tell what really happened and made up a rather vanilla story to tell.

Anyway, the picture I included is from the urinals at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino, where we stayed.  I had never seen SPH urinals before, but I absolutely loved these and I credit them with starting my twisted fixation on SPH urinals, which you can probably tell from the pictures I’ve sent.  I did in fact use the one on the right, which I rightly deserved.

– Mike