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(The Return Home)

Carla Delacourt

Chapter 1.

Maureen counted the money on the desk that Head Mistress Caprice Black has push over her desk towards her, all the bank notes were the new twenty pounds notes and the pile came to five thousand eight hundred and forty.

Maureen did a quick calculation in her head as per agreement she was only getting a percentage of Sissy Cuckold Debbie’s work as a street prostitute working for a pimp called Mr Gold while Debbie was in term-time at the Sissy Academy.

Maureen knew as well that the Academy was also taking a cut so everyone was a winner at the expense of sissy cuckold Debbie and Maureen was happy with her take smiled to herself as she put the cash into her handbag thinking how much more profitable little Debbie was going to be once Maureen had got him home and was working his pansy ass off under her sole hand!

There came a sensuous hiss of sheer nylon on nylon as Caprice crossed her long sleek legs as she looked at Maureen, the Head Mistress of the Sissy Academy was a stunningly beautiful woman with long straight black hair which today was up in a stern tight bun, as always Caprice was made up to perfection with her cosmetics and as for clothes she was in a short flared skating style dress that showed off her barely black sheer stockings to perfection with the black five-inch high mules on her dainty feet.

Maureen knew that Caprice dressed to such a sexy high standard at the Academy to torment the denied fevered minds of the sissies attending the Academy each term. 

The Academy being a place where not a drop of sissy cream was ever split and if any accidents did occur the punishment to the guilty sissy was nothing short of horrific?

Maureen had traveled up to the Academy that morning as it was the last day of term to pick up her now feminized sissy cuckold son and return him home to the family home where his real life lay!

Veronica her girlfriend had not made this trip up with Maureen as she had gone away on vacation with one of her many boyfriends and her sissy cuckold husband Mary who was still recovering from his Penectomy at the Academy was being left in the capable hands of the brutal Mrs Lipton the Academy’s secretary until Veronica’s return.

For traveling Maureen had opted for a tight above the knee red skirt with a saucy split on the side with heavy-duty zips on the split, pockets and fastening giving the skirt a punky look, this she complimented with a black see through sheer nylon and lace blouse that showed off the delicate little black bra she had on underneath that struggled to contain Maureen’s large breasts

Of course these days Maureen wore nothing but the most expensive sexy hosiery and today was no exception with the black seamed pantyhose that graced her legs and finishing it all off were the four-inch-high glossy patient red court shoes that Maureen knew looked very slutty!

But slutty was something that Maureen was now comfortable with since she had decided the previous year to become a Dominant Cuckoldress who was now into just about every type of sex and perversion going?

Caprice and Maureen had been lovers on numerous occasions over the past year and both now feasted their eyes on each other their sexual appetites rising until Caprice burst out laughing

“Oh Maureen if only we had time? Because its end of term I have not got a minute to spare, really there is nothing I would like better right now than to be rolling round on the floor with you licking each others sticky wet pussies!”

Maureen laughed as well and blew Caprice a kiss with her red sticky pouting lips “Yes it is a pity Caprice, maybe if you find time during the Summer break you could pop down to mine for a few days? a sort of sexy weekend vacation for yourself!”

“Maureen that sounds wonderful and it will give me an opportunity to see how Sissy Cuckold Debbie is getting on? Talking of which shall we go and get the little slut!”

Both women stood up and straightened their skirts and Maureen let Caprice lead the way! in the outer office behind a large imposing desk was Mrs Lipton who was barking out snappy orders on the telephone and Maureen could tell from the way Mrs Lipton was speaking that on the other end of the line was a male and his life was being made a living hell by the sharp acid tongue of the fat perverse stern Mrs Lipton.

“Idiot!” was the big woman’s last word, and she smashed the phone down into its cradle, and with a click of the fingers Mrs Lipton’s demeanor changed, and she was smiling and coming round the desk to give Maureen a hug in welcome as she had been in another part of the building when Maureen had arrived.

“Where is Sissy Debbie?” inquired Caprice 

Mrs Lipton finished hugging Maureen “Well last I saw Sissy Debbie she was with Mrs Prentis packing down in her room!”

“Ah yes so obvious silly of me!” Caprice scolded herself for her forgetfulness, and she went out of the office followed by Maureen across the vestibule to the opening to the stone stairs leading down into the basement of the Academy.

As soon as they had gone down the first five steps the atmosphere changed and the temperature dropped drastically and Maureen’s ear’s picked up a muted tortured scream coming from somewhere deep in the basement.

Arriving at the bottom of the circular staircase Caprice led Maureen down a dank concrete lined passageway that had doors at regular intervals, doors make of heavy timber with Iron hinges and braces and a viewing panel just as you would find in an old time prison.

The last door in the passageway Maureen could see was open and light shined out from within.

And suddenly Maureen was standing in front of her son? Well not son anymore but a very attractive young lady dressed to the nines in what could be termed traveling clothes.

“Hello Debbie!” smiled Maureen and was thrilled when she got a very deep respectful and sweet curtsy from Debbie who then stepped forward and went down on his stocking clad knees and leaned over and planted a kiss on each of his Mother’s high-heeled shoe’s.

From down around her high heels Maureen heard a wispy wimpy voice “Welcome Mummy I have missed you so much, and I am looking forward to going home with you!”

“Toilet!” suddenly snapped Head Mistress Caprice Black clicking her fingers together to chivy Sissy Debbie who reacted straight away complying with the command without hesitation, a reaction that told Maureen that Sissy Debbie’s training had gone to the heights that she had urged Caprice to set the bar at for Debbie.

With Caprice and Debbie out of the cell Maureen and Mrs Prentice hugged, this was the first both women had seen each other as Mrs Prentis had moved into the Sissy Academy to take a full part in the training of Debbie.

“How’s it going Mrs Prentis?” asked Maureen eager for news, but before Mrs Prentis could reply from behind the closed bathroom door came the noise of bad wind ripping out of Caprice Blacks bowels telling both women that Caprice was having a bowel movement into Sissy Debbie’s mouth.

Mrs Prentis coughed breaking the mesmerized state both of them were in listening to the use of a human toilet so near to them.

“The term has gone perfectly Maureen sissy Debbie has learned so much that he has assimilated into his daily life as a sissy cuckold maid really well, of course there have been punishments and as you asked Caprice these have been of the utmost severity, I can assure you as well I have learned so much and can say hand on heart that Sissy Debbie has been totally broken time and time again, so I doubt very much if you’ll ever be offended by any overt displays of masculinity out of Debbie from now on they are all gone for good!

“All Packed are we Mrs Prentis!” asked Maureen looking round the cell.

“Yes We’re are just about there Debbie still has to pack a few items in my room but that will only take ten minutes or so.

“That’s good I want to get home early as Mr Ross has booked sissy Debbie for this evening so after the trip she will have to bathe and get ready for work.

“Maureen the prostitution is where you are going to see stunning improvements in Sissy Debbie, the Pimp here Mr Gold is devastated that Debbie is going home she was such a good earner for everyone yourself included, and I know this as I was Debbie’s overseer on the streets when she was working and took to being a whore with gusto!”

“Just as I hoped Mrs Prentis, now we will make Sissy Debbie hump her pretty little ass all the harder to earn his place in my home.

The conversation was now cut short with the bathroom door opening and Caprice re entering the cell and Maureen could see Debbie still laying on the floor his wet tongue licking his lips after the consummation of the head Mistresses deification and the licking clean of Caprice’s anal hole!

“Right Maureen lets leave Mrs Prentis and Debbie to it, we will go and have a coffee till they are ready!”

Leaving the cell Maureen was eager to get home now? With the training of Sissy Debbie finally complete at the Academy Maureen wanted to press ahead with her new lifestyle?

Caprice led them up the stairs and then through into the kitchen where a commotion was in progress as the cook Mrs Berzinski and two of the other kitchen staff were gathered round in a semi circle.

Caprice with Maureen in tow wandered over out of curiosity and saw that on the floor a huge tureen of what appeared to be a soup or a thin stew and the three women were cackling in joy as they held with strong hands a sissy in a snappy French maids uniform on his knee’s, and they were pressing his head into the soup and holding the sissies head under the surface. 

Caprice and Maureen could see that the sissy was trying to thrash around as it got to near drowning and only then was its head pulled up out of the liquid to enable it to grab a few gasps of breath before it was head being forced back under the surface of the soup!, the second time the Sissy was allowed up to breath it was violently sick into the soup utterly evacuating its stomach.

After watching for a moment Caprice turned away already bored by the occurrence as this sort of thing was normal in the daily running of the Academy, and she went over to the coffee making machine and started to put together two cups of the Colombian coffee reserved for staff members and female visitors.

Maureen giggled when she came and stood beside’s Caprice “I wonder what that unfortunate little mite has done to cop that punishment?”

Caprice handed Maureen her coffee and took a sip of hers before replying “Does it really matter Maureen the important thing is that the sissy is punished and tormented!”

“Yes I suppose your right!” nodded Maureen seeing the sissy being flung away from the tureen spluttering and heaving for breath and the fat chef ended the period pf punishment by kicking the sissies heaving for air body hard.


In the foyer of the Academy there was a round of farewells and Sissy Debbie was again on his knees trying desperately not to ladder his stockings as he went from Head Mistress Caprice to Mrs Lipton then to Tutor Mrs Mackenzie and finally even Mrs Berzinski the old fat hag of a cook who had drifted up to get praise from Sissy Debbie this a woman who had proudly served Sissy Debbie up shit to eat at every meal time during the term.

After the last waves were exchanged outside and Debbie was placed in the car Maureen drove away from the Academy. 

Straight away she got Mrs Prentis to light a cigarette up for both of them and Sissy Debbie sat silently in the back tight in the seat belt his little feminized body shaking somewhat unable to take in the fact that he had actually got through the term that had just past a term that was double the hardness of his other visits.

What Sissy Debbie hoped was that the abilities he now had as a feminized sissy cuckold he truly hoped would please his Mother after all the fear, terror, pain and emotional trauma he had gone through to be where he was now and Caprice Black’s words to him that she would be checking on a regular basis that he Sissy Debbie was holding up the proud standards of the Sissy Academy in all his service to the Cuckoldresses that would come into his life!

As Maureen drove she chatted with Mrs Prentis hearing about many of the lessons Sissy Debbie had been going through and also the fact that Caprice had offered Mrs Prentis a job at the Academy as a counselor to the sissies as she saw in Mrs Prentis a woman who through calm and soothing ways could push a sissy over that last hurdle to the broken state that the Academy took all their sissies down to before training them back up.

Maureen was impressed not for one moment had she ever thought that Mrs Prentis had that sort of skill in her?

Sissy Debbie in the back of the car listened to the conversation and because he had already been informed that Mrs Prentis would be taking a larger role in his life he wondered if her accepting a position at the Academy would mean Sissy Debbie would be drawn closer to the place?

Also Sissy Debbie was watching the road his stomach full of fear as they were coming near to that lay by where the burger wagon was and knew there was a good chance that his Mother would stop and some new freakish degrading shit would happen to Debbie!

As the lay by came up Maureen did not slow down and saw in the rear mirror Debbie sort of collapse in on his sissy self as they flashed past, Maureen smiled to herself and thought if Sissy Debbie thinks he has escaped seeing Ruth and her Mother Janice he was fooling himself as a while back Maureen had received a call from the Burger bar owner Ruth inquiring after sissy cuckold Debbie and was their any chance of hiring the lovely little thing for her Mothers 66 year birthday party!

Well Maureen thought on a week on Saturday would see a fine reunion of Sissy Debbie and Ruth and Janice and who ever else was going to be at that party?

At last, they arrived back home and Sissy Debbie had never felt so happy to see the place and eagerly did the honors taking in the travel bags of Mrs Prentis to her house and then his stuff up to his bedroom before arriving at the lounge inquiring if his Mother wanted coffee?

Maureen’s place her order happy to see the efficient snappy way Debbie was doing his maids duties and one thing she suddenly understood was that the Academy had well-trained Debbie so in the future when Maureen got the itch to whip and beat sissy Debbie she would have to make up a reason, and she suddenly understood what Caprice had been on about in the Kitchen in the Academy as they had witnessed the cook and her staff drowning to that poor little sissy! About the punishment being the only important thing not the sissy! The equation being that the Cuckoldress is always right even when she was clearly wrong and her sissy cuckold had absolutely no avenue of complaint!

“Sissy Debbie I suggest you go and have a shower and get yourself ready I have a trick for you to turn tonight so you need to show your best side for Mummy!”

Debbie curtsied not a glimmer on his face of fear or hesitancy, With the work at the Academy he had learned everything about being a common feminized sissy cuckold street prostitute and Mr Gold had hardened and inured Debbie into accepting that it was his Mothers right as a cuckoldress to make him work for his keep and to keep her in a lifestyle of luxury no matter what horrendous perverted dirty degrading homosexual things Sissy Debbie had to do to obtain that income!

What was certain was that Mr Gold the negro pimp had imparted the lessons a street prostitute needed well to all the sissies attending that year in the Academy and had got the best out of the bunch of sissies not only prostituting themselves but also the supplying cleaning services to Mr Golds female prostitutes by appointing the sissy cuckolds from the Academy to each of them licking out the fuck sludge from their holes during their work hours..


Sissy Debbie let the hot water spray hammer at his shaven smooth gillie body and shook? Not that he was in any way cold but it was the thought of what his Mother had just said that he had a trick to do tonight?

For Debbie, it was like he was not even given the time to settle in back home after a full term away at the Sissy Academy, he had been hoping for a quite evening in with Mother serving her and maybe talking over all the things he had to endure in his education at the Academy and also shamefully he had so missed worshiping his Mothers stocking clad feet and also her special bits her pussy and bottom that he craved and lusted to nuzzle and kiss.

Sissy Debbie as he soaped his body up ran his hands over his now developing breasts, sure they were little, but they were his own from taking the hormones that Head Mistress Caprice had started forcing down his throat, and yes Debbie also noted that his skin felt softer and his hair growth seemed stunnted? The other thing Debbie had noticed since going on the pill was how much more emotional he seemed to be getting, tears would well up over silly little things that no male would worry his head about?

But now Sissy Debbie would burst into tears if he laddered a pair of stockings, or some dish that he was cooking did not turn out as he had expected? Debbie had heard that hormone tablets did have some strange side effects, and he surmised that he was getting a few of them?

But Sissy Debbie’s biggest worry was where all this feminization was going? Yes he was a cross-dressing sissy cuckold and had been as far back as he could remember? But now there was the chastity, the career of enforced prostitution to finance his Mother’s lifestyle as a Cuckoldress and Dominatrix, what terrified Sissy Debbie was what Veronica, Mother’s friend up the street had done to her husband! Would his Mother go down that same route and have Debbie taken to some place to have his penis removed in that splenectomy operation that he had heard about?

That to Debbie seemed a step too far? as his Mothers sissy cuckold maid he was prepared to do and suffer anything to please her or the women she allowed access to sissy Debbie, and he hoped he had proved that time and time again with the pain and punishment he had suffered at their hands and his acceptance that he had to be their toilet and eat everything that came out of their bladders and bowels? Surely he had shown devotion enough to avoid what sissy Mary had gone through?