Oh, Canada! (Glory Hole Denial) – SPH Story

Oh, Canada! (Glory Hole Denial)

The one other interesting SPH story I mentioned in my confessional was failing at a glory hole and I want to tell that story also for the sytd community.

I was visiting a friend in the Toronto area.  Though the friend is female, we really were just friends.  That being said, one night, she took me to a bit of a seedy club.  We had drinks while listening to live music there. 

Eventually, I had to piss, so I excused myself and went to go relieve myself. There was a line for the last stall, which I inquired about.  I was informed that in that last stall, there was a glory hole in the wall, which led to the women’s bathroom and that there were women on the other side servicing the guys. I thought about it and decided I wanted to try. 

After pissing, I got in line. A lot of guys were clearly excited and while waiting in line, already had their flies open and their cocks hanging out, stroking them, so I decided that it was safe for me to do so also.  I unzipped my jeans and whipped it out and got hard before it was my turn to get serviced. 

When my turn came, I stuck my dick through the hole and heard a “Oh, hell no!”.  I pulled out and asked what the matter was and was told bluntly that my dick barely made it to the other side and that she wouldn’t service a dick as small as mine.  I didn’t argue and left.  One person in line said “Brutal man, sorry!” Needless to say, it was humiliating.

Later in the night, while picking up more drinks at the bar, I ran into that woman.  Fortunately, my friend wasn’t around when she made the comment “Hey look, it’s one of the button dicks!“  I found out from her that I was one of six people she had personally refused to service.

Picture is a urinal in Canada, but at a classier establishment than the place I was at.