Ocean City Local Denver Shoemaker busts out the bikini thong to catch some big fat dongs

The warm weather is here and Denver Shoemaker is feeling awfully queer. Hey everyone, it’s me again and this time I’m back to show everyone my hot little thong bikini. I’ve been wearing this out on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD and totally like to the beach too.

I have a good feeling that wearing such a revealing swimsuit is going to finally get me the attention I need. Male attention that is. Hopefully once the guys see me, wiggling around with my cheeks jiggling in my skimpy bikini, they will realize that I’m more than willing to do what it takes to pleasure their big donkey dicks.

I mean like, nothing can be more slutty and more of a dick tease than a thong bikini in public, so I just had to get one. Now I just hope it helps me get some big hard dicks stuffed in my mouth and hungry little butt cheeks. These buns need a big hot dog slapped right between them, if you know what I mean.