New Cage! Time To Celebrate! Doing a week, Wish me luck gurls!

The longest I have ever been able to stay locked is 3 days. It didn’t take very much time in chastity to ruin me beyond repair. My penis didn’t even put up a fight, it just rolled over and took it. The truly humiliating part is that most cages are far to large for my little bitch clit to fill. Most are incredibly uncomfortable as well. I loved my tiny metal one with the catheter Tube but it pinched badly, was difficult to wear for very long without being key held. My new cage is a little large for me as usual ( I am fucking small!) but it can be worn rather comfortably for long periods of time. It does not lock but I am not owned so I my punishment has to be self inflicted anyway. I have been struggling my whole life to come to terms with the fact that I am a beta male. Chastity taught me to accept the fact that I never stood a chance at being heterosexual. I’ve been locked for two hours and I’m dripping pathetic goo out of my cage like a bitch! Gawd I love being a sissy! More pics to cum!