My Third Try – The Shot Glass Challenge

The third and final challenge I undertook and failed was the Shot Glass Challenge. My dick can fit inside a shot glass. I’m now 0-5 in challenges. I think that means I have a tiny dick.

In my confessional, I said I could support the team better by trying to join one of their cheer squads, rather than with jerseys and beer, given my apparent lack of manhood. 

Now that I’m a Club member, I’ve learned a few things and now think that the best way I could support the Packers is by becoming a team slut, servicing team members (a.k.a. real/alpha men) by taking a mouthful of Packers cock whenever and wherever they want.

– Mike

Now that’s a lil’ shorty! Considering your pinch of dick couldn’t even fill the glass (which would still be pathetic) I think you’re right in focusing on becoming a Team Slut for the Packers… appropriate team to support as well due to their name.