My new novel with a sample




Sissy Cuckold Debbie suckled on his Mothers hot silky black stockinged big toe the nail of which was ruby red glistening under the re enforced part of the fully fashioned stockings she had on, the ones with a Cuban heel and seem running sexily up the back of the legs vanishing under the skirt his Mother had on and the wicked delights of her womanly body further up.

Sucking gently on Mother’s toes gave Debbie a great sense of comfort although it was his Mother who had forced out his dark kinky secrets about wanting to be a feminized sissy cuckold and once his Mother had exposed his desires he had confessed to all of it and the relief was rather like a criminal getting all their crimes off their shoulders.

Far from being angry and horrified at her son’s fetishes and desires Debbie had come home from his four years away at university to a home and Mother that had changed, his bedroom was gone to be replaced by a bedroom perfect for a sissy, all pink and feminine and his Mother had become some hot sensual Cuckoldress like dominant! Who had informed him that she was taking over and bringing him up from then on as a feminized sissy cuckold and that his training would cover every aspect of cuckolding from comporting himself like a sissy woman to the most darkest and perverted services a Cuckoldress lady could demand of her sissy cuckold?

Everything had started in a whirlwind of activity! And the neighbors in Debbie’s home street found out or were told what his Mother was doing to him and there had not been a murmur of complaint about what she was doing to her son, in fact curiosity and encouragement seemed to be the main consensus from all the neighbors in the street all of which were busy indulging in their overt sexual kinks and fetishes.

One of Debbie’s Mother’s friends a mature and deeply beautiful and sexy lady called Veronica was herself a cuckoldress and it was she through her lesbian trysts with Debbie’s Mother had suggested the vacation in Jamaica at some sort of Cuckoldress/Hotwife resort that saw sissy Debbie enrolled in a stay at the Sissy Academy along with Veronica’s young sissy cuckold husband. 

And at the Academy Debbie’s new living aroused nightmare had begun! From the first meeting of the head Mistress Mrs Caprice Black and the awful Mrs Lipton. The study course at the Academy had been a brutal wake up call that sissy Debbie had terrible nightmares about every night and what was worse he had been informed that he would be going back for a full term after this coming weekend!

Sissy Debbie sucking away on his Mothers sexy nylon clad big toes looked up her long sexy sheer black stockinged legs and wondered how his Mother had come to know his darkest secrets and fantasies that were perverse to the extreme in the first place and how she had drawn them out and put them into practice! The excitement Sissy Debbie felt acting as his Mothers Sissy Cuckold maid was far more perverse and extreme than any of the literature he had been addicted to on the subject before being exposed!

But worse? Not only was Sissy Debbie going back to the Academy but Mother had hinted about a party for the coming weekend that had seen the sexy Evil Mrs Caprice Black and devilish Mrs Lipton arrive being invited guests and they were staying till after this weekends party that Sissy Debbie had been sold to being hosted by the dark and nasty fat old neighbor Mrs Prentis and the neighbor from the house over the back the leering pervert Mr Ross!

Sissy Debbie could hardly fathom that his own Mother had sold him to be the entertainment at a party for perverts and worse he had been informed that Mother, Veronica Holt, Caprice Black and Mrs Lipton would be attending to enjoy what was going to happen to Sissy Debbie and to ensure he gave the men attending full value for their Money!

Maureen sissy Debbie’s Mother lowered her book and looked down on her toe sucking feminized sissy cuckold son “Stop that sissy and go up to the bathroom Mummy needs a bowel movement!”

Sissy Debbie stopped his toe sucking and got to his high heeled feet and did a sweet sissy curtsy asking for permission to leave the room and quickly mounted the steps upstairs then passing through his Mother’s boudoir into her en-suite bathroom where he got down and lay on his back awaiting the arrival of his Mother to do her toilet!

What Sissy Debbie had been forced to become for his Mother and others when it came to their bowel and bladder movements was sick and perverse but he had been told at the beginning that he would soon become addicted to this type of servitude and he in utter shame could no longer deny that he now looked eagerly forward to his Mother’s every need to go to the toilet!


The clicking of Maureen’s high heels announced her arrival in the bathroom where sissy cuckold Debbie was laying on his back his maids dress smoothed out with his lipsticked mouth open.

Nothing was said by his Mother Maureen and why would she? Let’s face it when was the last time you heard anyone taking to the toilet! Debbie just watched as his Mother hitched up the hem of her dress and hooked her lacquered painted nails into the sides of her frivolous little black panties and pushed them down elegantly stepping out of them then placing her high heeled feet each side of Debbie’s head where he looked straight up her sheer black stockinged legs to her bottom and pussy all smoothly shaven.

Debbie’s heart beat wildly and his little sissy clit reared up in his sissy panties under his maids dress as his Mother squatted down her sphincter centering on Debbie’s mouth and his eye’s were drawn to it as it twitched like a saucy wink at him and he could see little goose bumps on her bottom from his hot breath as she waited.

Sissy Cuckold Debbie made a groaning sound when suddenly his Mother expelled a blast of smelly wind straight into his mouth and all over Debbie’s face that drove Debbie’s mind to distraction but he kept his eye’s fixed on her sphincter watching it twitch and then start to expand as the tip of a log of her shit started to emerge stretching his Mothers anal hole wider and wider as her shit eased out and started it’s decent into his open waiting mouth.

Only a Sissy Cuckold can explain what it is inside them that keeps it’s mouth open when it’s being used as a human toilet? Yes it’s the sissies submissive nature and utter worship and adoration of it’s Cuckoldress wife, but there is more it’s the knowledge that degradation for being such a worthless specimen of a man that has been feminized and humiliated that eating it’s wife’s shit is the only thing another man is not allowed from his wife!

And then there is fear of his wife’s temper if he does not act as her toilet and many sissy cuckolds are broken by the whip, crop and tawse by their good lady wives until they literally beg them to poop in their orifices.

For Sissy Cuckold Debbie he felt he had already crossed a line of sexual insanity as he was starting to crave what was now filling his mouth and what he was swallowing savoring the shitty earthy taste of his Mothers fecal logs all smelly hot and steamy from the very depths of her bowels.

Yes Debbie still gagged and heaved as his body still tried to reject the inedible but Sissy Debbie’s mind had come to override his bodies alarm wires and he knew that after the shit from his Mothers anus and he had licked her dirty butt hole clean she would jiggle forward and empty her bladder making him drink a mouth cleaning pint of her hot sexy salty urine something he loved every drop of from the very heavy flows she expelled when she arose in the morning to the little tinkles she did during the day.

Sissy Cuckold Debbie was just lapping at his Mothers meaty labia lips cleaning the last of the piss drops on her salty hole after she had pissed a huge volume of piss straight into Debbie’s grateful mouth when the front door could be heard opening and then shutting and a mixture of two jovial female voices were heard.

“That’s Caprice and Mrs Lipton back from the Mall sissy, what’s the betting both are busting? You’d better stay exactly where you are!” purred Debbie’s Mother as she stood up and smoothed her dress down covering her stockings.

Sissy Cuckold Debbie was bloated his Mother had shit out a large volume of fecal matter and a lot of urine and he hoped and prayed that neither the Academy’s head Mistress or her Secretary needed to toilet.

But Debbie’s hopes were dashed when he heard the heavy tread of what could only Mrs Lipton mounting the stairs saying over her shoulder “The toilets in the Mall were disgusting so I held on till we got back!”

“Oooooh! There you are!” smiled the fat perverse face of Mrs Lipton who was already pulling her tight grey skirt up over her fleshy thighs revealing her barely black suspendered tights and the fact her fat ass and bald pussy had no panty covering.

Sissy Debbie knew better than to utter a word and just his eye’s followed Mrs Lipton as she stepped over him so one of her high heeled nylon clad feet was each side of his head and her hands gripped the side of the bathtub, Sissy Debbie was now looking up Mrs Lipton’s cellulite pitted legs and her huge wobbly bottom and when she squatted everything came to view.

Mrs Lipton from years of big cock sex knew she had a cunt that looked like a horses collar and Sissy Debbie now looking up into it was terrified? It was the sort of cunt a little sissy like him could easily suffocate in, and then there was the woman’s bottom and Sissy Debbie stiffened at the sight of her anal crack that had a cake of shit all round her sphincter and up into her ass vale.

The smell coming from Mrs Lipton was a hundred times stronger and more offensive that the delicate smells that came off of his Mother and Mrs Lipton to Debbie was the last word in smell sweaty dirty cunt and shitty filthy asshole.

The last thing Sissy Debbie remembered was the mass of sweat spots on Mrs Lipton’s buttocks and the bunch of grapes like shit coated piles that bulged out of her asshole the further Mrs Lipton squatted down to Debbie’s mouth and just as Debbie extended his tongue and licked the dirty piles Mrs Lipton ripped off a toxic blast of wind into Debbie’s mouth making sissy Debbie go rigid stiff in horror and struggle to retain the vomit that welled up.

“Nice eh sissy?” laughed Mrs Lipton wiggling her bottom “Get fucking licking you turd!”

Now the wind had dispelled Sissy Debbie got his tongue right up Mrs Lipton’s foul tasting anal hole and set to work cleaning all the shit from round the woman’s gaping sphincter and up the ass crack gagging as he did so over the offensive taste!

Although fully concentrating on cleaning Mrs Lipton’s anus sissy Debbie was still caught unawares when suddenly a boiling hot liquid flow of shit poured from Mrs Lipton’s bowels filling Debbies mouth and Debbie had to will his body to not gag as he swallowed time and time again to keep up with the flow of filth from the evil woman who seemed totally at ease with the runs coming from her dark interior.

Sissy Debbie now with a bloated stomach heaved a sigh of relief when at last he was licking Mrs Lipton’s rectum clean once she had stopped her runny shit pouring out of her bottom and Debbie prayed he would be able to hang over the toilet presently and clean up?

But alas a sissy cuckolds dreams and hopes never come true as when Mrs Lipton stood herself up the doorway was filled with the image of Head Mistress Caprice Black who already had her skirt raised in waiting for Mrs Lipton to stand aside.

Sissy Debbie groaned with bloated fullness and sexual torment when Caprice stood over him and squatted her long sexy black stockinged legs looking so alluring and captivating her pussy above a sheer pool of beauty that split open as she came down and straight away a trickle of her hot luxury urine came tinkling out of her pee hole into Debbies mouth and he swallowed her golden pee relishing every drop.

Far from being used as toilet paper once Caprice stopped pissing Sissy Debbie literally tried to make love to Caprice’s pussy when she demanded her pussy licked clean of her last piss drops and she was not slow in noticing the avid way Sissy Debbie munched on her cunt and she liked his efforts and wiggled her cunt down onto sissy Debbie’s mouth deciding to herself that she would steal a nice little orgasm after the hard days shopping.

Debbie moaned when he felt Caprice’s pussy grind down on his mouth and it got slimier and wetter under his lashing tongue and he felt supreme as he realized Caprice was jerking her hips and panting grabbing out for a climax for herself making Debbie lick with a frenzy getting his tongue so deep in Caprice it hurt and then lashing her stiff erect clit till suddenly the Head Mistress was splurging her cunt on his face and wailing in a convulsive climax.