Mark’s Sissification and Feminization

Panty wearing, crossdresser Marky sucked a dick and wore panties one time. That one time was the trigger to ignite his desires for emasculation and total sissification. Initially he was turned on by sissy confessions which eventually led to conditioning that made him NEED and CRAVE humiliation and exposure by women. That all led to more dressing and confessions including the fantasy to be owned. Constant conditioning included gay thoughts, public humiliation and exposure, forced fem conditioning and eventually being owned by a hot, young dominant woman.

Now he its being trained to and transformed to be the best sissy slut cocksucker ever. For that to happen, I am being regressed from naughty bimbo to sissy baby gurl and from there I will be trained from the beginning how to be a total and complete sissy cocksucker.

In this pic I am at the current stage of little girl. Its right in line with sissy princess. Clearly I am happy to be a sissy little girl and have accepted this life now. My mind is weak, suggestable, vulnerable and owned by Goddess Jennifer