Making being a Sissy Great Again!

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Sept 16 2020, SC 22, Chasity 1 day, SissyMmarsha says: Lets see what kind of Sissy day this turns out to be!



Sept 15 2020, SC 25, Chasity 1 day, SissyMmarsha says: As during the last Sissy Cycle I find the feelings even more over whelming, but I know I have a ways to go! I’d say at least two more months of this on and off again Sissy, that based on the last two years. No matter what Kram does I just keep cumimg back , but yet not moving a head either  pun intended! It seems this dream I yearned for is left me in Sissy purgatory.




Both Please SissyMmarsha says and today was Sissy bliss.