Maddie’s Confessions

I have longed to be completely emasculated. I know that I cannot please women and that I am not only submissive to them but also subservient. Since I got rejected so many times I finally just began dressing up all cute and girly. I found myself buying outfits and accessories similar to the ones worn by all the women that rejected me. Of course being a sissy also brings with it the desire to wear those ultra sissy girly dresses made a satin with all the frilly lace and bows and organza and petticoats. I found a desire for complete emasculation to be unavoidable. Not only did I want to wear those pretty sissy dresses but I also wanted a woman to make dress like a little girl. The idea was to be completely emasculated at the hands of a woman who wasn’t trying to make me a woman but wanted to make sure that I was completely humiliated. Of course then I got owned and was age regressed to a little baby girl sissy. I was made to wear diapers and buy onesies. What was worse was that I was also made to pose with no wig on or make up because little baby girls had short hair and never wore make up. 

Being owned by Goddess Jennifer ensured that I would face more humiliation and conditioning. Posing for this picture and the subsequent ones out in public solidified my fate.