Katie cucked him then his SPH nightmare came true

Katie literally cheated on my small penis with huge a UK cock on St. Paddy’s Day. I officially became a cuckold that day because I wouldn’t have dumped her because of it. I’m that pitiful.

Aubrey and Felicia told me about it and then they were like um ya she cheats on you a lot. Apparently I had been cuckolded even earlier than I thought. They trash talked her a bit for being such a cock hungry slut and gave me a pity invite to a pool party. 

Unfortunately I proved to be a small penis packing bonerboy there too. I ended up way too drunk and passed out with my pecker out, after puking my guts out. I’m sure I looked absurd as fuck!

My nightmare became a reality when I found out that they spotted my tiny cock when I was blacked out. 

Now I tug my tiny dick with 2-3 fingers due to its size. Even the girl on webcam in the pic above, that looks kinda like Katie, would laugh at my dick until I cried and came all over myself.