How this all began…

Just for some context, let me explain a little about myself; 

I’m Dannielle, a 31 year old Dominatrix/Mistress from the UK. I guess you could say I ‘specialise’ in sissification/feminisation and also thoroughly enjoy watching those I work with suffer humiliation, and this is something I have a real passion for.

Some time ago I came up with an idea for a project I wanted to begin. The project would however be slightly controversial and challenging although would also be very original. I decided that I wanted to find out whether it was really possible to completely force feminise a man and over time push him so far down the rabbit hole that there will eventually be no escape. I’ve seen many sissy videos, captions and erotic fiction written about forced feminisation and these have certainly given me lots of creative ideas however these, as I just said, are fiction! The videos contain actors and the captions contain models. What I wanted to do was to find a man in real life who I would be able to mould into exactly the sissy I wanted to create. Who I could control and command to obey EVERYTHING I told him to do… but the big question was how?

The answer, I decided, was blackmail! I would find a man to become my sub, gain certain leverage and blackmail material and then push him further than he ever thought possible!

But first I needed to find a man that fit my required criteria! I decided the best option was to find a man who already had an interest in the blackmail fetish but I also wanted to find a man who was a closet sissy. I wanted a man who has dabbled in cross dressing but who kept this a complete secret and who would NEVER want to be exposed. 

Some might think this is evil, sadistic or even just completely wrong however I was determined that I would find a man that was deserving of the the situation, who deserved to be humiliated, exposed and essentially ruined for everyone else’s amusement. I needed to find a man who was one of life’s total assholes. Someone who had committed many wrongs and who was never going to change!

Luckily, one evening in summer 2020 I found such a man, and that man (and I use the term man loosely) was Ben!