How I got the name turtle

When I was in Jr High we started having to change for gym, and shower after.   


I was in the first third of my class to hit puberty.


I’ve always had what I call a turtle dick. It retracts back so that the head is flush against my pelvis.  


Everybody checked each other out. I was fascinated by hangers. I had started rubbing my self at night before bed. I’d find myself thinking about the other guys and what they got.  


I had a feeling that out of all the guys who were in puberty mine was the smallest both hard and soft. Hell some of them were bigger soft than I was hard an horny. Iwasn’t gay cause I liked. Although that was kind of weird too. 


One day during showers I turned the water ice cold. Let it hit my weiner and balls so I could take a slow walk on the way to my locker with out getting over excited. Get some material to jerk off to when I got home.  


As I got halfway back one of the boys said damn the turtle must be scared, he’s all the way in his shell. Everybody started laughing. 


Another boy looked and said damn I ain’t got hair yet and I’m bigger than turtleboy here. 


What was worse they kept cutting me off from getting to my locker and the safety of clothes, so everyone had a chance to get a look. 


I was so scared I was gonna get totally hard. I didn’t, just a semi which was hard to tell from straight on. 


From that day on my nickname was turtle. It was so common even some teachers called me that. I said it was cause I was slow and steady. Which I was, but I wonder how many knew the truth. I know at least two did. 


When my younger sister heard she made sure it stuck for good. Even my mom called me that, said I was just like my dad. Which is why she left him according to my sister. .