Failed Sex life of a Micropenis Beta

Failed Male:My experiences with my first wife, Patti made me accept the truth about my dysfunctional sexuality due to my diagnosed  condition of micro penis. Patti and I were virgins on our wedding night. Of course we wanted to consummate our marriage so we undressed together for the first time, climbed into bed and I lay on top of her and began to try and penetrate her tight virgin cunt with my little 2 inch erection. I don’t know if she was aware how tiny my peepee was – as she had no experience with mens’ cocks – and I pumped and pumped but could not “find” her cunt and she wouldn’t “guide” me in. I tried for a few minutes but I just was pumping air with my tiny peepee. Then I moved my body down a little and my peepee started rubbing against the inside of her right thigh. It felt so good I started humping it and after 30 seconds or so my tiny peepee squirted a load of cum all over her thigh and the bedsheets. Well, she threw a hissy fit – all upset and angry that I didn’t “de-flower” her and that I had made a mess on her thigh and on a small area of the fresh bedsheet. In between sobbing and screaming she made me get a wet towel and clean up her thigh and damp bedsheet. Then she switched sides on the bed and made me lie on the still damp bedsheet. I didn’t know what to do and apologized profusely to her with tears running down my eyes. I promised her I would “satisfy” her in the morning !

PS I never did consummate our marriage – as I “discovered” (as my Mom had warned me years earlier) that my peepee was too tiny to penetrate cunt. We spent the six months of our married sex life with me masturbating her virgin cunt with my two fingers and then masturbating myself with my two fingers making sure I squirted into a few tissues ! When Patti finally announced that she was divorcing me she told me she had found a man who could satisfy her sexually. When she told me that I remember telling her how humiliated and horny that made me feel and would she mind if I jerked off for her one last time. She got really angry at me, called me a homosexual and pervert and admitted that she knew about my collection of muscle and gay magazines. I countered angrily that I knew she was fucking other men in our bedroom but I never said anything about it because I liked to sneak into the house when she was fucking and listen to her orgasms and jerk off in an adjacent room. On our divorce papers the reason for divorce stated ”non-consummation of marriage by [husband]…” She also made me sign off on a Jewish divorce document called a “get”. That document officially annulled our marriage in Jewish law and I had to admit there-in that I was incapable of consummating our marriage.

My 2nd female-partner Debbie and later my 3rd and last female relationship Inez (the Bitch) both agreed that they would cuckold me as part of our relationship. At the outset of our relationships I admitted to them that I had a condition called micro penis and couldn’t penetrate pussy or ass and that I enjoyed jerking off while absorbing small penis humiliation and body shaming. During our “partnerships” both Debbie and Inez often allowed me to watch and jerk off when they were fucking their bulls and boyfriends. Occasionally they would let me suck their boyfriends’ big cocks – not often enough sadly! Debbie loved to humiliate me good-naturedly, but Inez was a real Bitch and got off on degrading and abusing me with her boyfriends. If I wanted to watch her fucking with her bulls/boyfriends I was forced to wear matching bra and panty and endure mean-spirited humiliation. Consequently, I grew to love intense small penis humiliation, submission and degradation. Being single now for over 15 years I seek out my dysfunctional sexual fetishes chronically with professional $$ dommes (men and women), porn shop cruising and on-line camming. Cheers, LittleDickWanker Jay