Denver Shoemaker: Ocean City Boardwalk Thong Bikini Babe

Hey everyone! It’s your favorite Ocean City Boardwalk bikini babe. Make that, Thong Bikini Babe! I was recently out walking around, jiggling my cheeks for all the cute tourists and locals here in Ocean City, MD. Talk about fun!

I had real women laughing at me, guys smirking at me and I’m pretty sure I had a few studs raging hard. A girl can hope, right?

I’m hoping one of these times, a hot stud will get so turned on that he approaches me and asks to use my sissy holes to get his big fat dick off. Of course, like I’d totally suck his cock or bend over and spread my cheeks for his man meat.

Hopefully if I keep on wiggling around the beach showing off my thong bikini butt cheeks, I’ll be able to lure in some long dick packing hunks to take home with me.

– Denver ‘Maryland Monroe’ Shoemaker