Denver Shoemaker begged for boners at Ocean City Beach

It is so true! Something got into me that day I put on my new skimpy thong bikini and went to Ocean City Beach. When I saw all the hunky hot tourists there I was like, “Denver Shoemaker you listen to me! Keep it together and don’t be a total slut!”

Did I listen? Like no!

Once I saw their manly chests, arms and abs my clitty went crazy! I was like getting so wet looking at them that even my bussy started twitching for dicks. So when they came walking my way, I immediately got on all fours and put my butt pussy in the air to show I was submissive and willing to take a big boner in my buns.

They all started laughing and pointing at me with my sissy butt hole exposed in the air but that only turned me on more. It was then that I couldn’t resist and just started begging them to take turns feeding their big cocks into my bussy like a total slut.

When I got home that night I went to fucking town riding my male sex doll until I creamed my sissy thongs thinking about their big dicks like I was in heat!

– Sissy Denver Shoemaker