Denver Milkshakes Shoemaker Flashed Huge Boobs for Black Guys

Ever since I got with Tyrone, my BBC lover, he has been pushing me to act and dress much more slutty than I have before. He said it’s normal for black boys to pass their bitches around so the homies can all have some.

I wasn’t sure what that meant but now I’m starting to. Now that he calls me Milkshakes, instead of Denver Shoemaker, he seems to think I’m not only his girlfriend & bitch but also his sissy sex toy. He totally wants to share me with all his black friends and let them all get at my bouncy boobies and big fat jiggly ass.

Tyrone wants to share me?!

Yesterday was proof of that because he made me put on this super slutty outfit and then took me outside where his friends were all hanging out doing freestyle raps back and forth. They all looked me up and down like a piece of meat.

I couldn’t believe it, some of them even grabbed their crotches and made comments about my fat tits. That was when Tyrone reached over, grabbed my ass and whispered, “Flash the homies those fat titties, Bitch. Show them why I call you, Milkshakes.” He slapped my ass and walked over to join them.

Revealing myself as the group sissy slut

All eyes were on me, so like a good submissive beta pussy bitch, I unzipped and dropped my top and let my big trans titties out for them to enjoy. My tiny sissy clit kept twitching in my panties and my bussy got so hungry it was throbbing for black cock! I was so exposed and felt so slutty but I was loving it.

If things keep going this way, I might just end up becoming the gangbang sissy bitch for all of Tyrone’s big black cock packing friends. OMFG!