Cumdump for Bush River Adult Theater

I would go down on my hands and knees and suck cock I’m the public porn theaters, usually locked in bondage restraints, helpless as guys took their turn one after the other. Then led back to the private rooms by my leash, locked to a couch for guys to wander in and find. Treated like a sex toy with two holes to fill and a hot mouth to slurp up all the cum. 

I was there to make sure no customer left with his cock still hard. And performed like a naughty little  slut to help them cum quicker and harder.  Almost always letting them lock me in my bondage restraints , helpless as they fucked my mouth and ass rough so  I would talk dirty just to get them to finish.

Although sometimes begging bto be slutted out to every cock in the building got me exactly that . But that was my favorite, especially when an aggressive Dom took over and refused to let me stop. 

The degradation of being sexually objectified was delicious. 

If you ever need.a date for Bush River please use me. After you finish cumming inside me, tell me that seeing how many cocks I can take will get you hard again for another round.