Cheating boyfriend enjoying retribution by being placed on a metal pole to greet invited guests.

I don´t care now if this looser is exposed everywhere. He now greets my girls when they come for visit so they have something to laugh. Either he has to greet them buttnaked and bow

for them or he is placed in the floor being fucked by cold metal. Thats always a lot of fun to watch as he is gliding down his little dick starts flapping around and he starts moving weirdly making everyone laugh at this miserable prick.

He gets hard every time fighting on his pole and that makes it even more shameful for him and more delight to watch in his pityful misery knowing and hearing how everyone is just laughing at him and mocking him and enjoying the show.

Just enjoy this sorry sight i´m done with him all he is good now for is  being the laughingstock for me and my girls.