Apology to Krissy for My Penis

Dear Krissy:

I was a Time waster and now a wannabe ass taster.

I have been dreading this for a while as I already did my four other exes full apologies and you of course are owed the BIGGEST apology of all by the TINIEST dick you’ve seen which was me. You were so patient with me trying to let me find ways to figure out positions or letting me eat you out for hours to compensate for my 2 minute cum time.

Dumping My Dicklette

I know that you dumped my dicklette on more than one occasion and I wanted to thank you for those times and moments and tears. When you threatened to be brutally honest and did an eye glance at my package area, I nearly shriveled into an acorn.

Your Big Italian Ass

I know your big juicy Italian ass was always too much for me to handle and I am sooo sooo sorry for the times I couldn’t make it past the cheeks and just oozed cum down your leg especially the night you got super dressed up and grinded on me as a tease yet my load shot out in under a minute when my dicklette got wedged between your cheeks briefly.

“Whip It Out”

There was also the “whip it out” moment, you likely realized why I couldn’t do that because my limp dick doesn’t have enough length to whip. When you first asked “how big is it, and don’t lie” I know you measured and said “I have limits” and I stuttered ooo ooo I don’t think you’ll have to worry, then you passed out on couch in your panties and I went to bed with blueballs just throbbing.

Party Dick Humiliation

This was beginning of a multi year saga in which I really hoped you were able to get that juicy ass some more cocks to add to your dozen plus list of guys you have fucked… I know you told me you had fucked 10 before we dated and at the party when my friends gf asked you out loud about my cock you kind of giggled and said “I fuck you the best I can with what I have got.”. This clearly meant I was 10th of 10 as you said you have seen all shapes and sizes.

Wish I Begged to Clean Ass

I’m sorry I didn’t beg sooner to just be your ass slave sweat cleaner and work with you to fluff big cocks for your sweet little pussy. I have found a home on SYTD which is show your tiny dick (showyourtinydick.com) and Goddess Jennifer now controls all my cocklettes actions and what happens to my ballettes and pindick on a daily basis.

Right now my assignment is cumming 3 times into the same panties daily and wearing to work. Same pair until Saturday so it reeks and gets extra squishy for Goddess. This is my new life and the one I deserve partly in thanks to your dumpings, that means all the times you dumped me.

No Marriage for Micro Penis

I know you were close to marrying me and hopefully I would’ve ended up a great cuckold husband so keep in mind if you ever do find a nice huge cock to marry that I am always open to being your bitchboi, if Goddess Jennifer permits that, I could lick your ass or be your cum cleaner.

One Final Confession

One last c c confession is when you allowed me to revisit this year I um… well… l… when you went for food I saw used panties in the hamper and couldn’t help but start sniffing, I then put your shorts on my cocklette and started tugging while sniffing your amazing panties, I couldn’t stop and so I ran to toilet and tugged my little load in your bathroom. I got a little on the seat but since your ass sits there daily I decided it was best for me to lick it off clean.

I’m s s so so so so so sorry Krissy! I sincerely hope you keep blueballing me and making me squirm and I worry that you’re never talking to me again. Thanks for ever allowing me to have a chance with your 6 foot tall amazing body and dominant ass. I was truly 5 inches too short and 4 ball sizes away from ever pleasing you.

Sincerely with regret and while currently tugging my 4 incher with two fingers to your pictures,

Tiny Dicked tuh tuh tuh m m Mike…