Apology To Kate for Small Penis

Dear Kate,

I know many years have gone by but I still wanted to apologize for the time I wasted of yours and let you know I was sorry for how I acted at times.

The first time we went back to your place to have sex I was very nervous. I know how excited you were and I was only your second guy. I should have slowed things down then I let you know what you were working with ahead of time. I should’ve let you know your ass and D sized tits were too good for me and that my 4 incher wasn’t going to be able to please you. Instead I went along pretending and you quickly found out I had a “roll of quarters”.

I know you were an innocent girl but had no choice but to eventually cheat and find a cock that wouldn’t slip out each time in every position, or worse yet later in our relationship when I no longer could get it up at all and was presenting a 2 inch flopper more often than not.

Dumping the Chump

You were right to cheat on me and to dump me, I was so lucky I even got to try. Thanks for the “accidental” knees to the balls, blueball over the pants hjs, squishy pants, overseas cuckolding, and the two thong pics you sent me while you were away. That I value greatly still in helping me tug my little pathetic cock which you witnessed me do on skype a few times upon your request, and I’m sure you laughed about it and told all your friends.

I am sorry again that I didn’t work harder to please you and buy you more things to compensate for my short stack. I am glad you have since found a big cock to engage and marry soon. Please let me know if you ever need a cum cleaner , fluffer or servant for a day sometime.

My Goddess Jennifer who runs a site called Show Your Tiny Dick (showyourtinydick.com) would probably allow me if I begged hard enough to come and be available to lick the cum from your bf out of your ass and pussy.

After a few more dumpings I eventually fell into the hands of an sph dominant femdom Goddesss who runs my life completely including the creation of this letter.

I am sorry again for my dinky dick disappointment Kate, you are beautiful and only should ever tolerate 7 inches minimum.

Your former bf,

Mike “roll of quarters” Little

Something every tiny dick should do!