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i am James and i am a faggot. my purpose and meaning is to provide pleasure to Men and in so doing to continually affirm their superiority and dominance over me. If i'm doing my job properly there is no awareness of my person hood, no attention given to my comfort. i become less so that they are elevated; i sacrifice my humanity at the altar of their needs. my mouth envelops the turgid instrument of their domination and power. When a Man loses Himself, when He uses my body without restraint or remorse then i know i've served Him well. The pain He causes me is my reward. i have no rights. i have no say. It is my privilege to suck and to swallow. It is my honor to be impaled, filled, and impregnated with His seed. i slowly and carefully lick every inch of His glorious body out of adoration and respect, with no need or want of praise. You do not praise or thank fags like me. Ever. It’s an insult to us both.

Gay James

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